#034: You could be "one skill away"

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You could be "one skill away"...

Hi, I’m Harrison Waid, and I’m one of the co-founders of Succession.

By receiving this email, you’ve already taken the first step to sales improvement.


But it might not be enough…

The selling environment has changed a lot in the last few years and 100s of high-performing sales reps have realized their sales skills need to keep up.

Market conditions have made sales cycles tough and complex.

Buying committees are more risk-averse than ever.

Competitors give steep discounts and cheap alternatives are popping up everywhere.

To make matters worse...

Your company is increasing your targets but isn’t investing in your development the way you need.

This makes it nearly impossible to hit your quota and make enough money to live the lifestyle you deserve.

I’ve seen this problem dozens of times with different companies and it’s why I started Succession.

To put the power in your hands to own your future.

You could be "one skill away"...

Improving your skills doesn't have to be a time-consuming laborious process. You could literally be just "one skill away" from breaking through and consistently exceeding quota.

I've personally hired and trained 100s of sales reps and very often, one small tweak, one new piece of information, is all it takes to become a top-performing rep.

That’s why I want to give you a free trial of Succession.

So you can see for yourself what 100s of other high-performing reps are doing to improve their sales skills, close more deals, and grow their income.

You’ll get access to 100+ hours of training broken into bite-sized pieces to fit into your busy schedule.

You’ll get access to templates, cheat sheets, and resources used by the top reps in the industry.

You can tap into the wisdom of other sales reps to figure out the strategies they use to close deals.

This is literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of value that you’ll get for free! Then it’s only $79/mo.

Imagine for less than the price of a coffee a day, you could learn life-changing skills that dramatically increase your earning potential.

If you closed just one more large deal per quarter, would it be worth it?

Don't wait for your company to invest in you.

You can buy the skills needed to get your dream income.

The question is, will you pay for them? Or will you keep trying the same things over and over expecting different results?

Now is the time to break out of the cycle and join 100s of other high-performing sales reps that have taken their skills and income to life-altering levels.

Here's how to get started...

Just click the link below and sign up for your free trial.

From there, you’ll have instant access to everything to start learning and closing more deals almost immediately.

If for some reason you don’t love succession like the 100s of other reps using it, you can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

You only stay a member if you love it.

Click the link below to get started and as a bonus, you’ll get a 1:1 meeting with me to ask any questions or learn how to get the most out of the platform.

Talk soon!

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